Arrive, relax and enjoy  -  enjoy yourself!
Your way to us leads you into the heart of a contemplative scenary at the Romantic Street, where rest and recreation inspire your spirits and where an excellent way of living also expresses itself in delicious food.
Enjoy an easy going  time at one of the most beautiful hotels in the southern part of germany, in Dinkelsbühl, a very attractive town dated from the Midlle Ages. Be our guest in our house full of history, tradition and savoir vivre.
Out of a patrician`s home , originally built in 1440 , we have created a refuge of good taste, and have preserved the  unique character and charme of the traditional property.

We  kindly invite you to discover and to enjoy the „Deutsches Haus“ with all ist manifold facets .

With kind regards
Familie Kellerbauer

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